November 2016

  1. The Peony Pavilion, Cao Shuci
Photo : National Ballet of China

    National Ballet of China - The Peony Pavilion - Sadler’s Wells

    Siobhan Murphy, Wednesday 30 November 2016 — Performance: 29 November - 3 December

    Performance reviewed: 29 November The Peony Pavilion is a 16th-century Ming Dynasty tale originally performed as a 20-hour kunqu opera. For the National Ballet of China, it’s been distilled to less than two ho… Continue Reading

  2. Diana Le Quesne 
Photo: Nic Gotch

    Meet the teacher - Diana Le Quesne

    Wednesday 30 November 2016

    Diana trained in classical ballet in L’Aquila, Italy. She started by studying Contemporary Dance and Mime at the age of 13, and later on, continued in Florence at the Bottega del Piccolo Teatro directed by… Continue Reading

  3. Ballet Cymru - Little Red Riding Hood - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 4Anna Winter, The Stage, Wednesday 30 November 2016Performance 28 - 30 November

    Paul Patterson’s score is free-ranging, bright and buoyant, with comic touches of Beethoven, snatches of swing and a resounding brass flatulence for the wolf, his tail raised perkily, post-consumption of grandma. The latter (vigorously played by Robbie Moorcroft) is… 

  4. National Ballet of China - The Peony Pavilion - Sadler’s Wells

    Press Review 5Anna Winter, The Stage, Wednesday 30 November 2016Performance 29 November - 3 December

    National Ballet of China’s The Peony Pavilion is a work of enthralling theatrical magic. It's a strange, sensuous East-meets-West concoction of neoclassical ballet set to the keening sounds of Kunqu opera, traditional Chinese instrumentation and passages of Deb… 

  5. Hetain Patel - American Man - Sadler's Wells

    Josephine Leask , Monday 28 November 2016 — Performance: 24 & 25 November

    Hetain Patel is a brilliant imitator. Through gesture, language, costume and movement he fools us into believing that we are watching Barack Obama talking about his post-presidential YouTube channel; or Spider Ma… Continue Reading

  6. FKA twigs: ‘Soundtrack 7’
Photo credit: Paula Harrowing

    FKA twigs: ‘Soundtrack 7’

    Monday 28 November 2016

    Emphasising the grit and physicality of dance - Created & directed by FKA twigs, Soundtrack 7 was filmed on location at Manchester’s Old Granada Studios between 9th-15th July 2016, during her week-long … Continue Reading

  7. Michael Keegan-Dolan - Swan Lake/Loch na hEala - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 5Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, Monday 28 November 2016Performance Friday 25 & Saturday 26 November

    A bleak and beautiful dream...Michael Keegan-Dolan has deep choreographic roots in the Irish Midlands – a world where ancient stories are ingrained in mist, bog and stone but where the politics and stridency of modern Ireland beget their own wild dramas. He’s … 

  8. Michael Keegan-Dolan - Swan Lake/Loch na hEala - Sadler's Wells

    Press Review 5LYNDSEY WINSHIP , Evening Standard, Monday 28 November 2016Performance Friday 25 & Saturday 26 November

    Clear-voiced theatre...A skilfully crafted work that touches on weakness and power, darkness and transcendence, this is clear-voiced theatre with magic in its veins.  

  9. Choreographer Renaud Wiser
Photo: Ione Saizar

    Meet the teacher - Renaud Wiser

    Thursday 24 November 2016

    Renaud Wiser is a choreographer based in London. He was born in Switzerland and trained in dance in Geneva before joining the Ballet Junior in 1998. During his studies, Renaud was awarded the Migros Bursary for y… Continue Reading

  10. Sammi Russel
Photo : DanceWorks

    Meet the teacher - Sami Russell

    Thursday 24 November 2016

    Sami Russell is a co founder of, she graduated from Chichester University with a BA(hons) in Dance in 2008, followed by completing her Masters degree focusing on performance in 2009. As a member of m… Continue Reading

  11. New English Ballet Theatre — Quint-essential: Five New Ballets - Peacock Theatre

    Press Review 4Christopher Curtis,, Monday 21 November 2016Performance

    This brought a new angle to a familiar narrative, creating satisfying, polished, beautifully performed and nuanced dance. There is real depth to this choreography.  

  12. Akram Khan and English National Ballet - Giselle

    Press Review 5Hanna Weibye, The Arts , Monday 21 November 2016Performance

    ...a work of intelligence, power, beauty, and - most gratifying of all in this age of lies, damned lies and politics - stunning integrity. This is a ballet about issues that matter, made by people who know what they're doing. 

  13. Akram Khan and English National Ballet - Giselle

    Press Review Emily May , A Younger Theatre , Monday 21 November 2016Performance

    The accumulation of Khan’s transformative vision, a severe, effecting musical score, Tim Yip’s breathtaking design, and the sheer athleticism and emotional intensity of ENB’s performers creates a work that presents the audience with a tour de force of hu… 

  14. English National Ballet Giselle, Akram Khan - Dancer Tamara Rojo Photo 
Photo: Jason Bell

    Akram Khan and English National Ballet - Giselle

    Graham Watts, Monday 21 November 2016 — Performance:

    Wow, wow and, thrice, wow! Here’s to a new masterpiece of neoclassical dance. Akram Khan has reimagined one of the most popular ballets in such a unique way that his Giselle seems destined to become a cl… Continue Reading

  15. The Royal Ballet, Wayne McGregor - Chroma / Multiverse / Carbon Life - The Royal Opera House

    Press Review 4Judith Mackrell, The Guardian, Monday 21 November 2016Performance

    Images of catastrophe inform McGregor’s newest ballet. Multiverse is in two sections, the first of which is set to Steve Reich’s 1965 score It’s Gonna Rain, which converts the fiercely apocalyptic sermon of a street preacher into loops of rhythmic sound.… 

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