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Monday 1 October 2001

Jane Dudley
Born New York 3 April 1912; died London 19 September 2001.
Jane Dudley was a member of the Martha Graham Company from 1937 – 44 and continued to work with them as a guest artist. She was Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company in Israel from 1968 – 70, before coming to London to work at the London School of Contemporary Dance. She was based in London for the rest of her life, and continued to perform until well into her 80s.

There have been many tributes to her work. Julia Pascal in the Guardian says:

“Those later years marked Dudley out as a singular teacher of the Graham method. She was kept somewhat of a secret in the British dance world, and rarely enjoyed the acclaim she deserved. But those who met her, worked with her and became her students, will carry some of her energy, politics and spirit for the rest of their days. She was a dynamic personality with a vigorous mind that was somewhat wasted in the anti-intellectual climate of the postwar British dance scene.”

Guardian, 22 September

Nadine Meisner in the Independent writes: “In 1934 Dudley also joined the New Dance Group, a political collective founded in 1932 with the aim of using dance to fight social exploitation and Fascism. The collective offered dance instruction and discussion for 10 cents an evening and held as its cardinal rule the principle that to reach people it was necessary to choose subjects for dance that concerned them.

The Independent, 24 September

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