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Monday 30 July 2001

Michael Flatley, 43, creator of Riverdance, has given his final stage performance at the end of his Feet of Flames World Tour, in Dallas last weekend. However there are plans for him to co-script and star in a film version of his Lord of the Dance Show.
Flatley was the first American to win the World Irish Dance Championships and has since won more than 120 titles in 13 countries.

He achieved 21 sell-out shows at Wembley Arena in 1998 and was presented with the Irish American Award by the then US President Bill Clinton.


Michael Flatley has plans to float his company on the Stock Exchange at £100 million. He gave his last public performance this summer and tells Deborah Ross that he misses dancing…
Independent, 17 Dec. 01
Independent, 17 Dec. 01, Katherine Griffiths

is back on the road and impressing Donald Hutera in the Times, 4 Feb. 02: “The evening ends on a note of thundering glitz with the audience on its feet roaring approval. They had just experienced what is likely the most popular knees-up in modern dance history.”
and also impresses,
Alice Bain, Guardian, 4 Feb. 02

Michael Flatley
chats to Jan Moir during his latest tour of Lord of the Dance, which at the time was in Beirut.
Telegraph, 5 Aug.02

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