News: What Brexit means for Dance

Wednesday 22 August 2018

One Dance UK Conference 2017 © Brian Slater

A report published by One Dance UK claims that Brexit will have a detrimental effect on Dance in the UK without the right safeguards in place.

The report, titled Movement Beyond Borders – The UK Dance Sector Outlook on Brexit, is the result of research, conversations and discussions with One Dance UK members and stakeholders that have taken place since the June 2016 EU Referendum, and draws on insights gained through a recent survey of major dance organisations and individual dance artists.

The report found that 96% of dance sector survey respondents expect Brexit to have an impact on future touring work within the EU, with 86% of respondents anticipating Brexit to affect their UK-based work and productions, for example by reducing their ability to bring artists and organisations into the UK.

Crucially, the report considers the impact on the entire lifecycle of dance – from education and training, the creative process and conception of new work, through to its creation, production, performance and sharing, and sets out key learnings and recommendations of how to safeguard the conditions that will allow the UK dance sector to continue to thrive after the UK leaves the EU.

Two versions of the report are available to download from the One Dance UK website – the snapshot report, which sums up the key points, and the full report.

Photo: One Dance UK Conference 2017 © Brian Slater

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