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  1. Penis Gallery

    Most guys worry about their penises. This gallery shows you the normal variations that occur. Read more →

  2. Breast Gallery

    Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. This gallery shows you the normal variations that occur amongst healthy women. Read more →

  3. Vulva Gallery

    This gallery shows the normal, healthy variations that occur within the female genitals. Read more →

  4. Poo Gallery

    A selection of images sent in by you, our viewers, illustrating the many and varied sizes and shapes of poo we all pr… Read more →

  5. These scaly lesions on the palms could be the result of one of several conditions. However, the most important condition to rule would be a sexually acquired syphilis infection. It would be advisable to seek further assessment by a consultant dermatologist.

    Skin Gallery

    There are many conditions that can affect our skin and this gallery explores how they appear on a variety of differen… Read more →

  6. Contraception Guide

    A guide to all the contraception options available to you. Read more →

  7. How to Look After Your Teeth

    Dr James Russell's step-by-step guide to better oral health. Read more →

  8. Don

    Don't Suffer in Silence

    Some of our contributors who had suffered for years with a problem that was easily treatable Read more →

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